Interview with Bessie Head “Who the Fuck is Frankie Trøuble?”


Interview with Bessie Head  "Who the Fuck is Frankie Trouble?"

(photography by Rita Rose)

Who the f**k is Frankie Trouble?
After being approached by so many of our lovely customers asking “What is this incredible music you’re playing?!” We decided to share with you our secret, meet the talented Frankie Trouble…

Who inspired you to get into DJ’ing?

“Trentemoller inspired me to DJ.. He’s an electronic producer from Denmark. When I first heard his track “Moan” I fell in love and tried to get my hands on anything he released. Despite my love for electronic music I’m really into Indie and Trentemoller has produced some great remixes. Bringing those two genres together really inspired me in my sets when I started and also for producing in the future.”

What do you think about Brisbane’s current music scene?

“I like what’s happening in Brisbane at the moment, there’s a lot of new venues and club nights popping up and in turn a lot of opportunities for non-commercial DJ’s. I think people are tired of the same old Brisbane scene, they know what to expect when they head out, there’s no surprises or diversity and event organisers are starting to do something about it which is really exciting.”

Where would you like to see Brisbane’s music scene in 5 years?

“I’d like to see more collaborations happening, merging the music and art scenes. I’d like to see people thinking outside of the square and utilising abandoned warehouses, laneways and empty rooftops. This would allow non-commercial music to really thrive.”

Who is your favourite DJ?

“That’s a really difficult question to answer because I go through phases all of the time. For instance, I always listen to Maya Jane Coles and then I’ll listen to Nicolas Jaar and a new mix by Diplo but at the moment I’m going through a Hip-Hop and Trap phase.. So I’ve been listening to RL Grime.”

What festival do you dream of DJ’ing at?

“In Australia I’d like to tour with Summerfield Dayz or play at a festival like Park Life or Harvest.”

What do you love most about Brisbane?

“All of the amazing people that live here.”

What has been your favourite venue to DJ at to date?

“I’d have to say Limes Rooftop Bar, nothing beats playing Deep House on a rooftop surrounded by your friends at sunset.”

Any ultimate gigs lined up for 2013?

“As well as playing under the name Frankie Trouble I’ve also decided to collaborate with my good friend Jane Doe. We are going under the name D I M E S T O R E D I ▲ M O N D S.
So far I’m playing for two event launches at the end of this month:
‘Thank Funk’ at Alloneword on the 25th of January as Frankie Trouble.
Zip Grrl Factory in Coniston Lane also on the 25th of January and debuting as D I M E S T O R E D I ▲ M O N D S.
I also help run a monthly club night at Alloneword called ‘Cheated Hearts’.”

And finally can you tell us “Who the f**k is Frankie Trouble?”

“Hi my name is Sacha, I’m an Introverted Extrovert and I dream big.”



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